Apple AirPods (Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

If you’ve been checking Apple’s AirPods store page, waiting and hoping for the “View Pricing” button to magically transform into a “Buy” button, refresh one more time.

The MacBook Pro is not the root of all evil

The MacBook Pro is not the root of all evil

Apple’s sleeker laptops do not show that Apple has lost its way. They embody the Apple way.

Apple’s $159 AirPods are currently available, with an expected arrival date of December 21 at the time of this writing. For a lucky few, at least, AirPods will arrive in time for the holidays.

The wireless earbuds work independently of one another, streaming music from an iOS device, Mac, or Apple Watch using a proprietary W1 chip developed by Apple.

Tuesday’s availability of the AirPods comes after Apple delayed the AirPods at the end of October — the expected release timeframe — stating the company needed more time to work on the new product.

According to Apple, AirPods will arrive in Apple Stores and carrier stores starting next week.